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Here's a brief view of the instructions I've put together to help me build a level in the SDK. It might help you. This works for the CS/CoP SDK's, but I don't know if it will work for SoC. Its also geared towards the CS SDK for a few things.

This guide also assumes you have correctly downloaded the xray converter which can be found here http://xray.codeplex.com/, have set it up, and have loaded the level into the Level Editor, and have made your changes to the level. Sorry if it seems a bit confusing and incomplete, I originally wrote it to help me remember what I had to do do compile a level in the SDK.


Compiling levels in CS SDK

1) Register the level in editors\gamedata\configs\game_levels.ltx

2) Compile -> Build

3) Compile draft AI map with xrAI for both maps first. The .bat for execution of this should look like:

@start bin\mixed\xrAI.exe –draft – f level_name

4) Compile a new all.spawn file with xrAI for your map. The .bat for execution of this should look like:

@start bin\mixed\xrAI.exe -no_separator_check -s level_name

5) Make sure you have set the levels property settings to draft mode, and tun a .bat to recompile the level geometry that looks like this:

@start bin\compilers\xrlc.exe -f level_name

6) At this stage, you have enough for a basic test. Follow step 12), and then start a new game.

7) Copy all missing textures (if any) to the sdk import folder and convert them to .tga. Then in Level Editor, use Images -> Check New Textures to generate .thm. Bump maps need to be linked in.

8) Any missing SoC shaders will need to be replaced by the CS equivalent shaders. Use Objects -> Library Editor, and the properties of the ground texture file of the level to set the new shaders

9) Run xrLC to generate a new build.cform file with a command like this

@start bin\compilers\xrlc.exe -f level_name

Sometimes you might get black shadows appearing on objects where two different objects have been merged, or a recess is found on an level object. To fix this, recompile build.cform with this command:

@start bin\compilers\xrlc -nosmg -gi -f level_name

10) Compile the final spawn file with a .bat excuting like:

@start bin\mixed\xrAI.exe -no_separator_check -s level_name

11) Compile final AI map with xrAI for the level last. The .bat for execution of this should look like:

@start bin\mixed\xrAI.exe -f level_name

12) Copy the levels\ folder into CoP gamedata folder, do not forget about game_levels.ltx, game_maps_single.ltx, game_graphs.ltx and the spawns\ and textures\ folders too.

--Gannebamm² 13:08, 28 April 2011 (EEST) original author: fluffy22 @ http://www.gsc-game.com/index.php?t=community&s=forums&s_game_type=xr3&thm_page=1&thm_id=4251&page=38&sec_id=18 Edited by Fluffy22 13:53, 28 April 2011 (EEST) to tidy and update article

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