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Leader: dezodor
Members: dezodor, barin, kailniris, gr1ph00n, florence, loxotron, kolmogor, nova, tzupi
Résumé: Total conversion mod creators for Stalker - Shadow of Chernobyl

Brief team description

Our team's main goal is to create total conversion mods for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. with many new levels and features.


Our mod team started with two members, dezodor, and wavetrip. Our first project was returning the blowouts in the game in early April. After the first beta release, we met LSSNeitrino, who was working on the same stuff, but with random blowouts. We decided to help each other, and we released a new version with better effects, and killing radiation and also better sound effects. Many modders loved the new sounds of the blow, and we are glad, because we still see those sounds in many great mods.

Our second project, the u.h.s.f. (stands for united hungarian stalker forums) mod was our first big mod. We removed the blowout and the dead zone from the NPP levels, also added clean weather to the dark areas, so that was the main thing about the old UHSF mod with cars and cutout mutants.

The free play story project was the first mod with free play possibility through level changers. In early July the level changers took you back from the NPP (point of no return) to Pripyat through the Sarcofag. We also added back the vehicles (the old forgotten Moskvich too) and more cutout mutants, better weather, blowout and many more little changes.

Then the time came, and we decided to create a new project, called "Priboi Story". In this game, you were a soldier (actually some sort of military agent), who had to investigate the heli crash sites on some levels, and find a missing squad. The secret, and main task was to find information about an old gov. organisation... We had to talk a lot to find clues where to look for those documents. Also redesigned the zone, made it more green because it was summer in our story, plus added more vegetation on the levels. This was the first storyline total conversion mod for Stalker, released in February, 2008. The last patch came out in August, 2009, you can find more info about it on moddb (

While we were working on Priboi Story, we also started our dream project, which was called "Back to the roots", later renamed to "Lost Alpha" (working title). In early 2009 we already finished several maps (deadcity, rostok factory, darkscape), and had great progress with garbage level, and swamp, when GSC decided to release an old build, which also gave lots of power to our project with its unique materials. This project will presentate our vision of the zone, with many recreated old maps, and own levels, and many neverseen features. The mod is still in development, you can read more about it at the "Mods list" section, or on moddb (

Current Developers:

  • dezodor - level design, game design
  • barin - scripting, game design
  • griphoon - scripting
  • kailniris - modelling, textures
  • nova - modelling, textures
  • florence - game design
  • tzupi - ui textures
  • loxotron - geometry compiling
  • kolmogor - engine tweaks
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