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Modelling level geometry

Creating terrain

Creating buildings

Creating stairs

Creating glass

Level with the example of glass you can find in SDK:
"C:\Program Files\X-Ray SDK\sources\examples\glass_and_water.mb"

Glass - one-sided tesselated polytriangulated faces polygon.
Two-sidedness is pointed in the settings of Xray shaders (Xray Double Side). It is necessary to modelling the glass as shown in the screenshot because in the game when hit the glass it will break on earlier modellingparts.

3D glass model
3D glass model

Triangles are combined into bigger parts when hit. For example, like this:

Example of breaking parts
Example of breaking parts
Parameters of X-ray shaders of breaking glass.
Texture t:\glas\
Double side yes
Engine models/window
Compiler def_vertex
Material objects/glass
Glass in game
Glass in game

Creating water

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