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STALKER allows you to change any weapon in the game to suit your desires, sometimes with surprising results. First we need to go over the variables. Please note, this list is not finished and may, in certain circumstances, be found out to be wrong later on. Please, if you find something out and have tested its correctness, add it in to this article.

Assuming you know the basics and have a gamedata folder, we'll skip ahead. Browse to gamedata\config\weapons. Congratulations! You can now edit every weapon in the game and perhaps add your own later on. Open it up with Notepad or Notepad ++ and let's get started.

Weapon properties

  • cost = Price of item when buying
  • weapons_class = Used for multiplayer, but must be present for single player as well
  • ammo_mag_size = clip size
  • fire_modes = how many bullets it shoots at a time. Available options include 1 = Single Shot, 2 = Double Shot, 3 = Triple Shot, -1 = Auto
NOTE: Changing number does not work on all weapons.
  • ammo_class = What ammo is used.
NOTE: Look in weapons.ltx and do a search for 'ammo', you will be able to find all the names of the ammos in the game there.
  • grenade_class = If it has a grenade launcher, detail what it uses here. Should be able to find defines in weapons.ltx again.
  • slot = "number of slot in inventory we put weapon in (1 - knife slot, 2 - pistol, 3 - rifle, 4 - grenade, 5 - apparatus" Developers said it best.
  • animation_slot = What third-person animation is used. Cannot be seen if actor (You) is reloading from a first-person perspective.
  • inv_name = Name in inventory. Named to be recognized later.
  • inv_name_short = Can be the same thing, can be a shorter name for the weapon.
  • inv_weight = How much it weighs when you carry it. (In Kilograms)

The next couple of lines have to do with the specific graphic for the weapon and are defined in the .ltx itself. It has to match the size of the graphic.

  • misfire_probability = The probability out of 100 % that a bullet coming out will cause the weapon to misfire.
  • misfire_condition_k = The more damaged a weapon is, the higher chance it has to misfire when compounded by the probability.
  • condition_shot_dec = how much condition is lost per round fired.

The next couple of lines define where the particles appear from a third person perspective and such.

  • hit_power = Power behind a bullet, higher = stronger gun.
  • hit_impulse = Physics power behind a bullet, 0 can be set to make the object not move or slump like for a silenced pistol, or really high to fire a car through a brick wall.
  • Fire_distance, bullet_speed, and rpm are all self-explanatory and defined in the .ltx of the game's weapons.

Some weapons that allow you to attach silencers have modifiers to change the weapon's power when the silencer is on, below the lines of code above.

The rest has to do with weapon orientation and graphics which this entry does not detail. From the values above you should be able to tweak any existing weapon to make them crazy powerful or super realistic.

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