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"all.spawn is a rather big file in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. gamedata\spawns directory. It contains information about NPCs, monsters, objects, basically anything that is not static level geometry in STALKER. The files is loaded once at game start and it's information is stored in the save-game. That means: Editing the all.spawn requires to start a new game afterwards!" - editing all.spawn articule

1. Open All.spawn file. Before you start editing the all.spawn file , you must open it in xrSpawner.So follow this steps:

  • I. Go to "file" in xrSpawner and click in "Open all.spawn";
  • II. Find your all.spawn file and open it

2. Editing all.spawn file

After you open the all.spawn , there is a box called "show" with two option to show the stalkers , mutants , everything of all.spawn had . I would recommend Object Name for more easy spawn .

You only can spawn Mutants, Level Changers , Objects (Artifacts , suits , etc) and Anomalys also you can change NPC's Smart Terrain .

Note: You can't spawn NPC's with xrSpawner .

To spawn something you need the coord. x , y and x and edit this for what level you want spawn the Mutant, level changer , etc:

; Level ID
|5000|l01_escape(chose here the level)|

3. Example 1: Spawning a Mutant

This is a example of spawning with xrSpawner.To spawn something (ex:Mutant) you need know the mutant meshe. See Add object , click in a white bar in add object and there is two option

  • Transport (Cars)
  • Monsters(Mutants)

CLick in monsters , click in burer_01 and click in "add"

IT will apear this :

Entity: burer_01 (change to xxx , xxx = mutant )
Object Name : m_burer_e ( change to xxx )
Object Path\file name (without extension): monsters\burer\burer_1 ---> You can change this to monsters\xxxx\xxxx (xxx is what mutant you want spawn)

In level id change l10u_bunker to what level you want spawn the xxx mutant and change the coords x y and z to the coords you want spawn the mutant and after you change the burer_01 click in "Save Change" to save the changes in that mutant.

Example 2: change Actor itens

Find actor in Entity or level_prefix_actor_0001 in Objects name.

If you want change actor obejects to actor change this :

novice_outfit ; if you want actor had a stalker suit change it to stalker_outfit

If you want add objects to actor add the weapon ,amunition, food do this :

ammo_5.56x45_ap = 20 ; if you add ammunition you need add how much "rounds" you want (NATO Ammunation , 1 round = 30b bullets)

4. Save edited all.spawn

IF you want save your edited all.spawn go to file and click in "save". IT will save and created a backup of the all.spawn


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