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This is a list of the gulag names used by STALKER. I made it to check the community_goodwill status with the names and needed to know which communities can be found where. It's not complete and not necessarily correct. If you are searching more names check the given files and search for checkStalker or checkMonster functions or just look anywhere else. Edited by Vintar

Cordon (from gulag_escape.script)

esc_bridge = military under the bridge
esc_blokpost = military at south cordon
esc_killers = Mercs (I assume the ones that attack the rookie village)
esc_lager = rookie camp
esc_fabrika_bandit = bandits (where Nimble was held prisoner)
esc_ambush = bandits near the garbage level changer
esc_corps = stalkers
esc_assault = stalkers
esc_stalker_camp = stalkers (guides camp ?)

Garbage (from gulag_garbage.script)

gar_hellcar_group = Bes' group
gar_bandit_agr = Bandits near Bes
gar_bandit_post = Bandits near agroprom
gar_dolg_blokpost = Duty blockpost
gar_seryi_bandits = Bandits closest to seryi
gar_bandit_stroyka = Bandits at concrete blocks
gar_dram = Three bandits with coats at start of the level
gar_angar = Stalkers (seryi`s men)
gar_bandit_ambush = Bandits at delapidated building near duty

Agroprom (from gulag_agroprom.script)

agr_nii = military at the start of level
agr_factory_assault = military after exiting underground
agr_road_patrol1 = military
agr_road_patrol2 = military
agr_factory_hold = military (I think the ones holding mole hostage)
agr_factory_defence = stalkers (moles group)

Agroprom underground (from gulag_agroprom_underground.script)

agr_u_soldiers = military in hallways and upstairs
agr_u_bandits = bandits

Dark Valley (from gulag_dark_valley.script)

val_escort = duty, bandits (bandits and duty at the ambush site)
val_sacrifice = duty, bandits (duty and bandit on the floor at start)
val_prisoner = duty (dude in the prison)
val_sos = stalker
val_rob = stalker
val_lager_bandits = bandits (Borov`s men)
val_watchtower = bandits in watchtowers
val_soldiers_raid = military after the lab

Bar & Rostok(from gulag_bar.script)

bar_dolg_general = duty headquarters above ground (Plitchko)
bar_dolg_veterans = duty headquarters abouve ground (plitchko)
bar_dolg_bunker = duty underground with Veronin
bar_zastava = duty (IIRC Kitsenko`s men)
bar_zastava_2 = duty (guardpost by WT level changer?)
bar_evil_veterans = bandits
bar_freedom_attack = mercs [sic]
bar_freedom_chasers_attack = mercs [sic]
bar_killers_ambush = mercs in rostok before burner bridge
bar_ecolog_crush = mercs when helping Kruglov
bar_visitors = general NPC`s in bar area

Yantar (from gulag_yantar.script)

yantar_zombies = zombied outside lab
yan_scientist = ecolog (uh, sakharov)

Military Warehouse (from gulag_military.script)

mil_fneutral = freedom with Cap
mil_freedom = freedom base
mil_fblockpost = freedom with Cap
mil_village = freedom in bloodsucker village
mil_dolg = duty base
mil_monolit = monolith attacking the border

Red Forest (from gulag_radar.script)

rad_antena = monolith
rad_entrance = monolith at the start of level
rad_antenna_monolith = monolith
rad_valley = monolith
rad_after_valley = monolith
rad_after_tramplin_ambush = monolith
rad_far_road_ambush = monolith
rad_far_road_btr_ambush = monolith at the bunker - pripyat road split
rad_prip_road = monolith
rad_prip_teleport = monolith at pripyat level changer
rad_antenna_camper = monolith
rad_zombied1 = zombied in the forrest
rad_zombied2 = zombied in the forrest
rad_before_tramplin_ambush = zombied
freedom_vs_duty = duty, freedom after brain shutdown
rad_antenna_specnaz = military
rad_mil_entrance = military

Sarcofag & monolith control(from gulag_sarcofag.script)

sar_monolith_general = monolith
sar_monolith_sklad = monolith outside of secret room
sar_monolith_guard = monolith in secret room area

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