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Here you can find the list of registered teams. If you want to register a team, please get acquainted with the conditions of preparing and registering the team's résumé in Introductory course section.

dez0wave team
Leader: dezodor
Members: dezodor, wavetrip, kailniris, barin, next-day
Résumé: Creators of the first blowout mod, freeplay mod, and first storyline mod: Priboi Story

Brief team description for dez0wave team

Our mod team started with two members, dezodor, and wavetrip. our first project was returning the blowouts in the game in early April. After the first version, we met LSSNeitrino, who was working on the same stuff, but with random blowouts. We decided to help each other, and we released a new version with better effects, and killing radiation and also better sound effects. LSSNeitrino is a great scripter, he managed to add some NPC reactions and spawning cutout monsters after the blowout so we kept the original idea, and during the months we made the effects and sounds better. Many modders loved the new sounds of the blow, so we still see those sounds in many great mods.

Our second project, the UHSF mod was our first big mod, that's when Kanyhalos joined us. We managed to remove the blowout and the dead zone from the NPP levels, also added clean weather to the dark areas, so that was the main thing about the old UHSF mod with cars and cutout mutants. That was the time when wavetrip left the team...

The free play story project was the first mod with free play possibility through level changers. In early July the level changers took you back from the NPP (point of no return) to Pripyat through the Sar. We also added back the vehicles (the old forgotten Moskvich too) and more cutout mutants, better weather, blowout and many more little changes. The free play mod was our first really big success.

Then the time came, and we decided to create a new project, called the Priboi Story. The team fell apart and dezodor was alone with the project. Kanyhalos helped him with ideas and also helped him with collecting coordinates and spawning mutants. After 2-3 months of editing the files, the mod began to work fine, and the motivation rose. The first breaking point was the 1.0004 patch, because we needed to re-create the mod from the beginning. In October we decided to abandon the mod, because we wanted to add many stuff, that we were unable to add. Thank god we met Barin, Kailniris, Natvac, Siro and Darius6. Barin helped us a lot with the missions. Kailniris helped us with modeling work, Natvac helped us with scripting and solutions, Darius6 with sound fixes and ideas, and Siro gave us cool textures and also helped with correcting the text. So everyone had their own task to complete. This is the first storyline mod for Stalker.

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