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The X-Ray Engine is a powerful, cutting-edge DirectX 9 engine, unique and yet unparalleled in many respects.



  • DX9 renderer with one of the best in the world implementations of Deferred Shading, allowing us to draw a vast amount of dynamic light sources with correct materials and light ‘feedback’, without limiting ourselves to Deferred Lighting, but truly using the Deferred Shading.
  • Ultra-realistic game graphics with desalination of up to 1 000 000 polygons on screen.
  • Vast open-space territories up to 4 sq km and detailed indoor environments.
  • Dynamic lighting and soft shadows, destructible light sources.
  • Parallax/normal mapping.
  • True per-pixel dynamic lighting.
  • Floating point HDR, Shader Model 3.0
  • Real-time dynamic day-night cycle.
  • Dynamic outdoor lighting (ambient occlusion, IBL, dynamic Sun and Sun-shadows).
  • Dynamic weather effects like rain, wind, fog, etc.
  • Widescreen support.
  • A lot of postprocess and post render effects.
  • Powerful FX system.



  • Innovative life simulation system controlling all the in-game characters.
  • Over 1000 characters populating the Zone.
  • For the first time ever the player is immersed in a living, non-scripted world, where A-Life events may develop without getting linked to the player’s actions.
  • Full life cycle of A-life-driven NPCs – task accomplishment, combats, taking rest, food, sleeping.
  • Full life cycle of A-life-driven monsters – hunting, attacks on stalkers and other monsters, taking rest, food, sleeping.
  • Global A-life level - war of groupings, monster migrations.
  • A-life belongs to the gameplay – unlimited number of random quests – rescuing stalkers, destroying stalker renegades, protection of camps, assaults on camps, eliminating animal lairs, search of hidden stashes and treasures and much more.
  • NPCs traversing the entire Zone, crossing to other levels, entering and leaving the player’s visibility zone.


  • Non-scripted AI. Characters traverse game objectives freely – they patrol, guard key spots, oversee the territory and take rest.
  • Realistic sight and hearing of NPCs, which allows using several ways to accomplish the game.
  • Variety of tactics to complete game scenes – rush, stealth, sniper fire and their combinations. Adequate NPCs’ reaction to the player’s actions.
  • NPCs use planning to make decisions (Goal-Oriented Action Planning), which allowed us to create multitude of behaviors and make them considerably more varied (combat, for instance).
  • Combat – assault actions, defensive actions, enemy search, escaping from fire, movements among covers, reaction to grenade, finishing the injured enemies and much more.


  • Powerful physics engine supports hundreds of physics objects on level
  • Ragdoll
  • Destructible objects, bullet ballistics, skeleton animation, etc.
  • Physics as base for game play features like monster levitation, real bullets and grenades ballistics, blast wave, realistic ammo piercing characteristics for various materials and surfaces.


  • Environment effects
  • 5.1 Sound support


  • Playing over LAN and Internet
  • Up to 32 players
  • Three game modes – Death Match, Team Death Match, Artifact hunt
  • Real physics – ragdoll, real bullet ballistics.

Unique features

  • day and night cycling with influence on game tactics
  • ranking systems
  • upgrades for weapons and different ammo types for different weapons
  • anomalies and artifacts

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