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Official Statement

In response to numerous requests, we bring to your
attention a build of the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. from
2004, or, more precisely, 'xrCore' build 1935, Oct
18 2004.


Build 1935 Download

HTTP Mirrors

Torrent Mirrors


General Questions

Q: What is this, anyway?

A: This is a build of the game from October 2004, published by the developers. There is no technical support for this build.

Q: Where can I download it?

A: Here: or from the mirror here:

Q: What is it for?

A: The build contains a set of features that did not make it into the final release. There is a fairly nice static lighting renderer, several locations not present in the release, a fully functional A-Life system, and some cut monsters, transportation, and many other things. The build is unstable and will not replace the final game, but it is definitely worth taking a look at.

Q: How to run it?

A: Delete the savedgames folder and run run_alife_s.bat.

Q: What are the minimum system requirements?

A: CPU 1,4 GHz
512 Mb RAM
GeForce 3 64 Mb or Radeon analog
~1.5GB on HDD


Q: When moving to Army Warehouse, it complains about shaders and crashes. What do I do?

A: As an option, give it the shader it wants. Copy the following files:

  • gamedata\shaders\xr1\
  • gamedata\shaders\xr1\model_env_lq.vs

Rename them into:

  • gamedata\shaders\xr1\
  • gamedata\shaders\xr1\model_env_sl.vs

Further, make a copy of the file gamedata\textures\sky\ and rename it into gamedata\textures\sky\

Alternatively, download this archive and unpack it into the game folder:

Q: I get the error: Can't find model file 'meshes\brkbl#423.ogf. What do I do?

A: There is a fix for this error:

Gameplay Questions

Q: The car goes slowly! What do I do?

A: Step on the pedals. )) Kidding. There is a transmission box in the car. By default, LShift raises transmission, LCtrl lowers it.

Q: How do I start a car?

A: Left mouse button.

Q: How do I speed up time in the game?

A: The numeric keypad:

* - speed up
/ - slow down

Note that it is not recommended to skip large durations of time, because of game instability.

Q: How to turn on free flight mode? A: Enter the following in console:

demo_record 1

Esc takes you back, Enter moves you to the camera's current position (be careful not to get stuck in some ceiling.

Q: How do I save? A: In the console:

save [name]

Save name must contain only English letters. Enter it without the brackets. It is recommended to load saves from an edited bat file, instead of from inside the game. Replace "all" with the name of your save in run_alife_s.bat.

Q: How do move to another level? A: In console:

jump_to_level [level name]

Enter the level name without brackets. Here is the full list of levels

  • l01_escape
  • l02_garbage
  • l03_agroprom
  • l04_darkdolina
  • l04u_darklab
  • l05_bar_rostok
  • l06_yantar
  • l07_military
  • l08_deadcity
  • l09_swamp
  • l10_radar
  • l10u_radar_bunker
  • l10u_secret_lab
  • l12_stancia
  • l12u_sarcofag
  • l13u_warlab
  • l13_generators


Q: There is no menu! Where are the settings?

A: In file user_koan.ltx. Here is a list of the most important parameters:

  • vid_mode - screen resolution (only 4:3 ratio!)
  • rs_details - toggle grass and other detail objects
  • rs_c_brightness - brightness
  • rs_c_contrast - contrast
  • rs_c_gamma - gamma
  • rs_fullscreen - toggle fullscreen mode
  • rs_no_v_sync - toggle vertical synchronization
  • r__detail_density - detail object density
  • r__aniso_tf - anisotropic filtering
  • r__detail_l_aniso - anisotropic filtering for detail objects
  • r__supersample - antialiasing
  • hud_crosshair_dist - toggle distance display on the crosshair
  • hud_news_disable - toggle news output in HUD (1 by default, news are only displayed in the corresponding section of the PDA)
  • g_always_run - toggle running
  • g_god - (cheat) God mode
  • g_unlimitedammo - (cheat) toggle unlimited ammo
  • mouse_sens - mouse sensitivity (0.21 by default)
  • snd_volume_eff - sound effect level
  • snd_volume_music - music level (0 by default; recommended 1)

Recommended parameters:

  • hud_crosshair_dist off
  • hud_news_disable 0
  • r__aniso_tf 16
  • r__supersample 4
  • r__detail_density 0.15
  • r__detail_l_ambient 0.94
  • r__detail_l_aniso 0.25
  • rs_detail on
  • rs_dt_range 50.
  • rs_fullscreen on
  • snd_volume_music 1.
  • vid_mode 1280x1024

Bugs and fixes

Q: Why do all stalkers look like the military?

A: All profiles use the same model. You can download the fix here:

Q: Sidorovich sells almost nothing; how do I fix it?

A: Here you go:

Q: Flesh makes some totally unsuitable sounds; can I fix it?

A: Yes, you can:

Q: Can I turn on DX9 dynamic lighting in this build?

A: No. I recommend using the ENBSeries library for adding some DX9 effects to the game renderer (bloom, first of all).

Settings for the screenshots above:

Alternative settings, for the second set of screenshots:

Q: The game crashes when I take the third quest from Sidorovich (documents from Agroprom).

A: This crash is not fixed yet. Do not take this quest.

Q: The game crashes after about five minutes:

**** file 'x:\sources\xrcore\FixedVector.h', line 38.
***Reason***: *** Assertion failed ***
Expression: id<count>

A: The reason is the spawning intensity, which creates too many NPCs. As a temporary solution, set the following parameters in system.ltx:

switch_distance = 50
normal_time_factor =200


Q: Which fixes should i extract to which subfolders? (Please, don't answer "the usual, like in Soc" - i have no experience in this and i have yet to learn what works from where and how.)

A: If the fix comes in gamedata folder (which it most of the times does), just paste it into the build folder and the new gamedata will overwite the old one, adding new things. Don't need to know what goes where in this case.

Q: which numbers would correspond to "high" visual settings? Or are the recommended parameters close enough?

A: Just change your resolution to your monitors max and change rs_detail to on in user_koan.ltx to turn grass textures on. There are some new fixes to add DX9 features but they probably require some progs to run along with them.

Q: loading a save crashes the game ... eh already remembered the advice from original thread ...

A: Run the run_alive_s file. If it still crashes, delete the savegames folder.

Q: if game crashes during long dialogue with Sid it's because ...? (and how to fix it?)

A: Probably unfixable. This build has some stable bugs in it. Doing missions will eventually lead to a crash anyways.

Q: the console seems to show several recurring errors (one is about some missing audio bit or something) - is that something to worry about or is it just another normal part of this eerie, unstable zone?

A: Not a biggie. I think there already is a fix for this.

Q: Also, how do i put away the weapon (in case i need left mouse key fore something else)? The usual number keys only change the weapon but don't holster the on in use (using Koan file; the current bind list seems ordinary enough.)

A: press G to drop weapon talk with the guys you need to and than pick up the gun


English Translation

Saved Games

Here are saved games for all levels. You will need to install a patch to get to atleast one of the levels. Otherwise you will just get a black screen.;13388633;/fileinfo.html

Launch the game with the run_alife_s.bat file. When the game loads hit the ~ key. Then type in one of the levels below and hit enter.

  • jump_to_level l01_escape
  • jump_to_level l02_garbage
  • jump_to_level l03_agroprom
  • jump_to_level l04_darkdolina
  • jump_to_level l04u_darklab
  • jump_to_level l05_bar_rostok
  • jump_to_level l06_yantar
  • jump_to_level l07_military
  • jump_to_level l08_deadcity
  • jump_to_level l09_swamp
  • jump_to_level l10_radar
  • jump_to_level l10u_radar_bunker
  • jump_to_level l10u_secret_lab
  • jump_to_level l12_stancia
  • jump_to_level l12u_sarcofag
  • jump_to_level l13_generators
  • jump_to_level l13u_warlab

The l is a small L. You can see the level names in maps/koan/lvl01-16

All fixes and patches combined

xrCore_xKoweKx FINAL PATCH



  • New loading screen (by Lukass1613)
  • Improved graphics (Bloom added)
  • New stalkers models
  • Fixed direction of the sun
  • Reduced density of grass in relation to the v001, better performance
  • Now you can explore l04_darkdolina and l07_military
  • Added new items, weapons at the trader!
  • Corrected details of grass
  • You can walk with wepaons near Stalkers, they attack only when you attack them
  • Added missing sounds
  • Added descriptions of some items
  • Added spawn of all cars in Cordon
  • Recoil of weapons has increased
  • No zoom when aiming
  • Improved mini map
  • Balanced injuries
  • Ability to destroy a helicopter in Cordon
  • Removed bugs of explosions
  • New mutants sounds
  • New, better textures

Author of mod: xKoweKx

Many thanks to all mods authors that are here! (eg. dezodor, robber, UrUkUs, plusquam, BAC9-FLCL, macron)

Special thanks to Lukass1613

Check out cover by Lukass1613 in main folder!

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