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In this tutorial I will explain how to edit a stash.



The file which contain all information about stashes is treasure_manager.ltx located in gamedata\config\misc Opening that file, we can see a section called [list] and below a lots of others section with a different noun, that appear in the list. For example :

target      = 5010
name        = esc_secret_0010_name
description = esc_secret_0010_descr
items       = wpn_pb, ammo_9x18_fmj, 50
condlist    = {npc_rank(novice)} 3
community   = stalker, bandit


As we can see there are 6 editable fields, but only the last 3 are useful : items, codlist and community.

Items show us what items are in that stash and their quantity. In that stash there is a Noiseless pistol (PB1s) and 50 9x18 mm rounds bullets. So to indicate the quantity we can write a number after the items. For example using that code,

items = wpn_fn2000, 1,  ammo_5.56x45_ap, 200, outfit_exo_m1

the stash will have a ft200m ( aka fn2000 ), 200 5.56x45 mm AP rounds bullets and Fang’s Exo

If the quantity is 1, it can be omitted

Condlist tell us the condition that we must meet to get stash info

There are some condition that we can apply like :

actor_on_level(level_name) >> that means the npc who has got the stash is in level_name map

Those are names of levels

l01_escape > Cordon 
l02_garbage > Garbage 
l03_agroprom > Agroprom 
l03u_agr_underground > Agroprom underground 
l04_darkvalley > Dark Valley 
l04u_labx18 > Lab X18 
l05_bar > Bar 
l06_rostok > Wild Territory/Rostok
l07_military > Army Warehouses 
l08_yantar > Yantar 
l08u_brainlab > Lab X16 
l10_radar > Red Forest 
l11_pripyat > Pripyat

npc_profile(profile) – this means that a specific npc has got it, check character_desc_level-name.xml

npc_rank(rank) - this tell us the rank of the npc which has got the stash, ranks = novice, experienced, veteran, master

we can add extra condition too, they are info_portion, “+” indicates that you have to get that info_portion, and “-“ if not

eg :

It’s possible to add a number of npcs that we have to kill to get that stash

community field tells us the faction of the npc which has got the stash

- stalker - loner stalker 
- bandit - bandit 
- military - soldier 
- killer - mercs
- dolg - duty 
- freedom - freedom 
- zombied - zombified stalker 
- ecolog – scientist
- monolith – monolith

We can assign more than one community


This is an example of what we can do. After choosing the stash we want to edit, we can start : eg

;-- a stash in garbage level
target      = 5030
name        = gar_secret_0000_name
description = gar_secret_0000_descr
items       = outfit_exo_m1, wpn_vintorez, ammo_9x39_sp5, 1000, wpn_groza, wpn_desert_eagle, ammo_11.43x23_hydro, 100
condlist    = 1
community   = bandit

As you can read, in this stash there are : a Fang's Exo, a Vintar BC (aka vintorez), a Tunder S14 (aka groza), a Black Kite (aka Desert Eagle), 1000 9x39 mm SP-5 rounds bullets and 100 .45ACP Hydro-Shock rounds bullets. To get this stash, we have to kill at least one bandit.


If someone wants to understand how stashes are assigned, they can read treasure_manager.script, in scripts dir, function CTreasure:use(npc) check the probability to get a stash by a npc and function CTreasure:give_treasure(k) gives it us.

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