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3ds MaxActor Editor Import/Export TutorialAI Map Compiling
AI Map CreatingAll.spawnAnm
Associating Multiple TexturesBuild 1935: Quick GuideBuilt level in COP SDK
Call of Pripyat - Modders Resource ListCall of Pripyat Weapon CreationCode execution by button
Commands listConfigControlling Weapon Sway
Crash-logCreating a scene in 3dsmaxCreating a scene in 3dsmax (lang. French)
Creating factions
Creating HOM, portals, and sectorsCreating items and NPCs using scriptsCreating New Suits
Creating squad and setting up its logicCreating unique NPCsCurrent events
Custom Meshes and Linking SkinsDds
DialogsEditing all.spawnEditing all.spawn file with xrSpawner
Editing Commands list (lang. French)Editing Music and SoundsEditing Stashes
Editing trader filesEditing ui icon equipment.ddsEditing Weapons
Finding an Object in a RadiusFinding an Object within a given RadiusGulag
Gulag listInheritanceKnowledgebase
LevelLevel ChangersLocation
Ltx includesLtx reading through script
Making Nights DarkerMayaMaya tutorial
Merging modsMODModel export tutorial
Modifying Sound EnvironmentsMODs development teamsMOD List
Naturheilkunde Wikibooks Sammlung Freier LehrNew Weapon The Quick WayOgf
OggOnline and offline alifeParticles.xr
Particle Editor BasicsPatchPixel
Post-processing-effectors (PPE)Post EffectPpe
Quest creation
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. MOD portalSchemesScript
Scripted timerSDK on Windows 7
Secrets and techniques The Auto Salesperson Doesn t Would Like You To KnowSmart TerrainSmart Terrain Tutorial
Sofware Development KitSpawnSpawning through script
Tool ListUtilisateur:Megamat
Videos for cutscenes and menusWeapon editing
Weapon importWeapon model creation (HUD)X-Ray
XmlYour first modification
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