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Sooner or later the lone modders come up with a will to unite their forces. This is how mod-making teams appear to release their creations under the single 'brand'. In case you already registered, you can declare your group without hesitation right now! Simply follow the instructions below.


How to register a team?

Please fill in the team blank and describe your team at this page. The application should look as below:


|contacts=how to contact you

==Brief team's description==
<<Short information about the team>>


Copy this text to the clipboard and replace the fields between the brackets <<...>>. The image of the logo can be uploaded here (the file size must not exceed 50Kb, picture width - not more than 300 pixels).

Attention!We recommend to fill out the description of you MOD according to the following template for correct search and the accuracy of the information on your development displayed. The Brief team's description section will be shown in the developers' list and is obligatory for filling.

Attention! All fields with the exception of <<short_description>>, <<logo_filename>>, <<General data about the team>> must be filled in. If the application is filled out wrong, the registration will not be accepted.

General data - as the information about the team can change with time, we recommend to refresh it as the changes take place. The list of completed MODs and MODs in production is also shown here.

Team name - before assigning a name to the team, get acquainted with the list of the existing teams. In order to distinguish you team from the others, avoid similar names.

Team leader - team founder/leader. Only the team leader can register MOD or change the team description.

Team resume - a text box with the short description of peculiarities typical for this team; its concept and goals.

Team members - the list of users in the team, separated by comas.

Contacts - if the team has its own web-site, it's recommended to indicate it in the team's profile. At request you can leave your contacts, the other user can use to get in touch with you.


how to write how it looks



how to write how it looks

URL - team home page.

Managing the team

Team news

After the team page is created and accepted by the moderators, you can publish your news, announcements and cover the life of your team broadly. To do that you can use the "Edit" button. Please don't delete the templates, add your messages under it.

Renewing the team

The team membership can change with time. You can update information to keep its actual status.


Pay attention to the "discussion" tab in the upper part of your team's page. The other users can leave valuable commentaries for you there. We recommend using the "watch" function available from the discussion page. Thus you will be informed when someone leaves a comment there.

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