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LevelEditor interface
LevelEditor interface
  1. Main view window.
  2. Main Toolbar.
  3. Log window.
  4. Technical information.
  5. Main Bar.
  6. Status Bar.

The work with the camera is performed with Shift button held pressed, by moving the mouse with left (LMB), right (RMB) or both buttons (LMB+RMB) pressed.
You can switch the modes by pressing the corresponding buttons on Main Bar menu


p General mode.
  • Shift+LMB - moving camera in ZX plane.
  • Shift+RMB - moving camera along Y axis.
  • Shift+LMB+RMB - rotating camera relative to its axis.
a Object view mode.
  • Shift+LMB - moving camera around the object.
  • Shift+RMB - zooming camera in/out the object.
  • Shift+LMB+RMB - zooming camera in/out the object.
f Movement mode (press and hold Control and Shift to move along the collision).
  • Shift+LMB - movement forward with camera rotation.
  • Shift+RMB - movement backwards with camera rotation.
  • Shift+LMB+RMB - camera rotation.
f Front view.
b Back view.
l Left-side view.
r Right-side view.
t Top view.
b Bottom view.
x Reset view.
undo Undo.
redo Redo.
select Select.
add Add new object.
move Move.
rotate Rotate.
scale Constrain proportions.
X Moving object along X axis.
Y Moving object along Y axis.
Z Moving object along Z axis.
Z Moving object in ZX plane.
Z Temporarily not functioning.
non-uniform scale Ignore proportions.
Snap Snap the object to the grid upon creating the object or in Move + Ctrl + LMB mode.
Snap-object Snap the object to the object upon creating or in Move + Ctrl + LMB mode.
Snap-move Snap the object to the object in Move mode.
Snap-normal Include normal during object's snap.
Snap-vertex Snap the object to the vertices of the object upon creating the object or in Move + Ctrl + LMB mode.
Snap-A Discrete turn (works in Rotate mode).
Snap-Move Discrete movement (works in Move mode).
zoom General zoom.
zoom-sel Zoom Extents Selected.

Selecting objects

The objects are selected by pressing left mouse button (LMB) on them.

Also by moving the mouse arrow with the left mouse button pressed, you can select several objects with the frame.

You can add or remove the object from selection by pressing the left mouse button with Control button held pressed (Ctrl+LMB).

You can select the object only if its type corresponds to the selected editing mode. Select the necessary Edit Mode in the main Toolbar to change the editing mode.

Editing mode - object
Editing mode - object
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