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Looking for a quality Hands MOD that does more than skin the current hands in the game. I notice the hands stay the same regardless of what suit you're wearing. I'd be very interested in helping to create a hands mod that actually changes the hands to reflect what suit you're wearing. It would only require 2 or 3 additional hand sets be modeled and animated. Anyone interested? Or is there a MOD like that already somewhere? - selcyber

Could I request a 'Utilities' list on the main page as well as a MOD's list? So people could make pages such as "Utility: Skin Compiler" for example. Thanks. - LiX

Compiler Crashes, Editor Working Fine, Extra models?

I have installed the SDK editor for Stalker, made a couple of maps, after a lot of figuring out. but i cant get any trees, to work. the compiler always crashes after - loading tree\tree_fuflo,


And some other text,

Anyone else had problem with trees? rock work fine. some other items also fail, like barbed wire, ect.

Also how to i get more models, like houses and walls, is it possible to import from extracted game files?


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